About Us

UNFY, a beacon of hope in a digital landscape shrouded in shadows. It empowers you, the user, to reclaim your digital destiny.

Work Process

We've built the platform of the future for your data security

UNFY is here to empower you with unwavering security and trust-building transparency. We bring you to a world where you have complete control over your own digital experience. With a focus on unparalleled data security and the freedom to self-organize, UNFY is the solution that frees you from the shackles of social media. With us, you can interact, share and collaborate without worry, as your privacy and security are always top priority.

  • No longer a pawn in the games of centralized giants, you become the king

  • UNFY is more than just security

  • With each transaction, you etch a path towards a brighter future

UNFY Powerful Features

We've built this feature with great care, everything we've done has been built with confidence and created the unify platform you've been waiting for.

Secure and Permanent Chat History
Secure and Permanent Chat History

Blockchain guarantees your chats are safe, private, and always accessible. Never lose a message again!

Public & Private Communication
Public & Private Communication

Choose encrypted privacy for personal chats or broadcast public messages to the world. You control your visibility.

Decentralized Marketplace
Decentralized Marketplace

Buy and sell goods & services easily and securely within the UNFY network.

Built-in Cryptocurrency
Built-in Cryptocurrency

Store and manage your UNFY tokens on the blockchain for ultimate financial freedom.

Borderless Transactions
Borderless Transactions

Enjoy fast, secure, and global financial transactions without restrictions.

Broadcast public messages
Broadcast public messages

Share your voice with the world on a fast network.

The "UNFY" Timeline

The future of secure communication, personal freedom, and decentralized finance.


CPU-based Proof-Of-Work coin with the Yescript algorithm and has many advantages and has a smartnode in it.

  • 45% Masternode
  • 45% Miners
  • 10% Developer
  • Block Time : 120s
  • Masternode Collateral : 20000
  • Coin Reward : 200 UNFY
  • Max Supply : 210000000
  • Ticker : UNFY
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Our Advantages

Tired of being a product on traditional social media platforms? Where your data is exploited, your control is limited, and your contributions go unrewarded? It's time to break free and embrace Unify Room (UNFY), the revolutionary platform that puts YOU back in control.

UNFY is not just another social media platform. It's a decentralized digital ecosystem built for the people, by the people. Here, you are not a product, but a valued member of a thriving community.

  • Unbreakable Security and Privacy

  • Unrestricted Control

  • Crypto Rewards for Active Participation

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